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Find answers on common questions of Reptile Mountain store.

When will blue tongue skink babies be available?

Typically, my skinks give live birth between April and June each year. They are monitored closely for health and behavior for a minimum of 2 weeks sometimes longer and then are available once they're ready for new homes. Usually that's May-July.

Can I pre-order? Do you keep a waiting list?

No. I don't take pre-orders or keep a waiting list. However, you can sign up on Happy Dragons to be updated on postings. Also, my Patreon members (Certain levels only) are given first opportunity to obtain skinks prior to the public.

Do you take deposits?

No, I don't take deposits, only payment in full is accepted. Sorry.

Do you ship?

Yes, I ship via Shipyourreptiles.com and Reptilesexpress.com to the lower 48 states. I ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only and only to applicable FedEx Ship Centers ("Hubs").

What do you feed a baby skink?

Please see Happy Dragons blue tongue skink care guide and my baby skink care page (https://www.reptilemountain.com/babyskinkcare).

Do you sell adult skinks?

Yes but rarely. If I have an adult available it will likely be from my breeding group, a special situation, or a hold-back that I decided to not keep after all. I don't anticipate doing so anytime in the future.

Can I choose the sex of my skink?

Unless stated specifically, all the skinks are unsexed. Sexed animals are usually older and also are more expensive. Guaranteeing sex of a female usually means she is proven (aka given birth) and therefore comes at a much higher price because of the demand. I don't typically offer sexed animals unless from my own collection or breeding stock which is very rare.

If I buy a skink from you will you guess what sex my new skink might be for me?

Well... I'm at 50% accuracy at this point, I could guess or flip a coin and be equally as accurate. So no, sorry.

If you're sold out will you recommend a reputable breeder?

Yes! I recommend any breeder here on Happy Dragons!

Why don't you breed or sell Indonesians species (Halmaheras, Meraukes, Irian Jaya, etc)?

Indonesian species are beautiful and great animals. However, they're simply not what I wish to work with in my collection as far as breeding goes. Plus, I just prefer Australian Tiliqua ssp. over other species. It's like preferring Coke to Pepsi... or vice versa.